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Our research lies at the interface of cell and molecular biology, engineering, physical sciences, material science, and medicine. Specifically, we are interested in understanding the effect of physicochemical cues of the microenvironment on various cellular behaviors leading to stem cell commitment, tissue repair and homeostasis, or disease progression. Our approach entails the development of bioengineered platforms including multifunctional biomaterials emulating physicochemical properties of the ECM and stem cell-derived organoids that recapitulate key features of human tissues and diseases. Unique to our approach is employing such platforms to unravel the underlying molecular mechanisms. Moving forward, we harness these understandings to develop novel therapeutics regimens, including cell transplantation, activation of endogenous cells, and therapeutic interventions targeting the microenvironment and signaling pathways. Examples of ongoing research activities in our laboratory involve developing: functional biomaterials such as self-healing materials, technologies to improve stem cell based therapies including activating endogenous stem cells, engineered functional tissue grafts, and organ-on-a-chip systems.

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