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Welcome aboard!

We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers comprising of engineers, biologists, material scientists, physicists, and clinicians striving to solve pressing biomedical problems and innovate technologies. Through a series of “why”, “how”, and “so what’, we have made new discoveries leading to new approaches and technologies. Some examples include the: “bone bandage”, “cell pouch”, “DraBot”, “self-healing hydrogel”, “self-repairing lubricants”, etc. The Varghese group carries out research in four areas: (1) Smart Biomaterials and interfaces, with a focus on design and development of synthetic biomaterials for applications in tissue engineering, cell transplantation, drug delivery and actuators; (2) Miniature Organs, with a focus on organoids and organ-on-chip platfroms as model systems to study organ homeostasis and degeneration; (3) Rejuvenation, with a focus on age related changes in tissue function, cellular resilience, healing ability, and susceptibility to pain; (4) Bench to Bedside with a focus on innovate efficient and low cost translatable technologies.

 Please visit the research links for more details about each of these topics!